08 March 2008

Additional BLACK FLAG WEEK Sites - From Karen M

Via email, Karen relayed the following additional sites (which will join the Resource list at left):
WATANDOST: Inside News about Pakistan and Its Neighborhood
Watandost in Urdu and farsi means "friend of the country". The blog contains news and commentaries about Pakistan (and its neighbors) that are intriguing and insightful but often are not part of the news headlines. Issues related to "Islam and the West" are also covered here.
An illuminating WATANDOST entry dated Saturday 8 March is entitled A Tribute to the Unknown Lawyer.

Karen notes that it is "
(n)ot just a tribute... also has info about efforts to set up a trust fund for lawyers to offer more substantial support.... Sounds like an idea that really needs some help."

an excerpt:
In the course of the last one year, countless lawyers and several judges stepped forward, at considerable personal cost, to fight for this cause. While some resigned from public offices as a mark of protest, there were many others who actually carried their protest onto the streets. Certainly, none of them were trained to endure the physical hardship of long arduous marches in inclement weather, arbitrary imprisonments or police beatings and teargas, or for that matter the ensuing financial hardship. Only a small number of these lawyers had the strength to carry the inevitable financial burden. A large number of them were junior, subsistence lawyers who depended upon the daily court proceedings to earn a living. Many of them belonged to the smaller districts where the opportunity to work was in any event limited and several were supporting families who depended upon them for their livelihood....

...Even more than the leaders, we must honour and salute these nameless thousands because they are the true heroes and the beacons of the lawyers' movement....
Karen refers us further to these two blog posts for some personal takes on the Emergency, the protests, and Black Flag Week:

KO: Of Judges and Hope

Anupam Chander writes about "Globalization and digitization through the eyes of a California law professor."

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