08 March 2008

Just Breaking....Declaration: PML-N, PPP take Musharraf Head On

From the Pakistani Spectator:
By Ghazala Khan • Mar 9th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story • (1,043 views)

Say it the the stroke of coincidence or the lesson of history that on 9th March 2007 process of deposition of judiciary was started by General (r) Pervez Musharraf, and now on 9th March 2008 though the sixty judges including Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary remains deposed and locked up, at last the newly elected winning parties PPP and PML-N has announced that the judges will be restored within 30 days after the first session of new assembly through a resolution in the parliament.

This is the one thing which is the decisive factor between the forces of status quo and the forces of change. Forces of status quo which are led by President Musharraf with the help of establishment and lotas of PML-Q and opportunists of MQM and covert JUI-F are nail bitingly fighting for their grim survival while the forces of change have signed the Murree Declaration in which they have decided on various factors for the flourish and flowering of democracy and justice.

On the eve of this joint declaration, some rifts in the PPP have also surfaced. Makhdoom Amin Fahim wasn’t present at the meeting in Murree and he was really angry and demanding at the channels that the PM should be from Sindh, while another PPP leader Ahmad Mukhtar was demanding that PM should be from Punjab. But these petty clashes within the PPP are not that much important and they fail to mar the fragrance which is coming out of the joint declaration.

This declaration charts out many pertinent and important things for the future, like the speaker and deputy speaker of national assembly will be from PPP while PML-N will hold these slots in the Punjab. Give and take policy was seen at the meeting, when PML-N conceded that though they didn’t deem it appropriate but they would take oath from Pervez Musharraf and would join the federal cabinet, and PML-N would support the PPP candidate for the premiership.

I wonder what the President Musharraf would be thinking. One thing is clear and done that he wont’ be thinking of retreat. He has said the CJP the ‘Scum of Earth and a third rate person’. Musharraf also intends to stay for another five years. Will Musharraf allow the reinstatement of the judges? In the presence of 58 2B, and if history is any guide, then only a fool could believe that Musharraf would accept this declaration gleefully.

We can only hope that the establishment doesn’t get too excited and try to rollback this newly aligned democratic process. If it does so, it will be quick curtains for the establishment, and this time revolution is round the corner if they don’t allow democracy to have its way.

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