02 March 2008

Through 15 March AOC is dedicating itself to "Black Flag Week" in Pakistan. Site format is temporarily modified in honor of Pakistan's struggle.

from PosseComment@US:

Aitzaz Ahsan, head of the lawyers movement, president of the Pakistani Supreme Court Bar Association, and under house arrest since the Emergency began on 3 November, is calling for the week of March 9th to 15th to be "Black Flag Week". During the entire week, at all events which are in solidarity with the lawyers and their cause, black flags, as opposed to the usual flag (Pakistani, party flags, etc.), will be displayed and people will wear black arm and/or head bands.

Their cause is restoration of the Pakistani Constitution, the rule of law, reinstatement of the Judiciary and impeachment or, at least, deposition of President Pervez Musharraf. They are asking that, at minimum, lawyers and law students show their support.

The Bush administration, in defiance of the clear referendum of recent Pakistani election results and to the dismay of the Pakistani public, the entire region (South Asia), as well as many in our own government (intelligence agencies) and public, continues to support Musharraf and urge continuation of his power. The Bush administration acts as though Musharraf continues to exercise control of the Pakistani military, in defiance of General Kayani's clear break with him and orders for the military to remove themselves from the politics of government (considered a fundamental pro-democratic step in South Asia).

Want to get further involved? Time for action is short. Please wear a black armband or black clothing next week. If you want to really help us, we need your feedback. If you are spreading the word, write a comment (link below) and let us know.

When next week comes:

  • send us your pictures,
  • write about your events,
  • tell us what you have done, and
  • if the media cover you, send us links.

And we will share it. With everyone that helps. And with the people of Pakistan who want - and need - to hear about your support. May justice prevail.

If you want to help, you can contact PosseComment@US using the comments link below.

(Anyone who prefers to respond confidentially can send email to: ondelette at earthlink dot net)

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