26 April 2008

Congressman Steve Cohen (D - TN 9th) Questions FBI Director Mueller About Torture

Steve, in committee (Judiciary) on 23 April 2008, asked the Director specifically about the FBI's legal obligation to notify other agencies of what it believed to be illegal actions that those other agencies were performing. He followed up by asking if FBI had indeed fulfilled its statutory requirement. From Steve's web site:
Responding to my questions, Mueller recalled that he had warned the Justice Department and the Pentagon that some U.S. interrogation methods might be illegal. The FBI’s admission of their disapproval of other departments’ interrogation techniques is new evidence of the Bush Administration’s reluctance to follow the law, and Judiciary Chairman John Conyers and I will continue to investigate this issue. You can view a video of the exchange:

I am extremely pleased by Steve's representation of the TN 9th during this term, the first of what I hope will be many, many more. Steve Cohen's vigorous defense of our Constitution of the United States of America and his commitment to Human Rights make Steve one of the Good Ones!

For more on torture, expertly examined in depth, see Humanity Against Crimes blog.

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