02 April 2008

Wall Street Journal Propaganda

N=1 (an AOC contributor, AKA "Annie"), who can turn a phrase with the best of 'em, has a new post up at Home of the Brave (HOB) blog about corporate and journalistic meddling in Public Health higher education issues. AOC is committed to helping good citizens everywhere, and is thus happy to comply with N=1's request to share this column with readers. The nursing profession comprises a vital cog in the mechanisms that enable societies to move forward, yet it would be difficult to name a less appreciated field of hard-working educated professionals. Elite nurses who pursue doctoral level studies are now finding themselves in a ridiculous and short-sighted confrontation - not of their choosing - with turf-conscious doctors and their corporate enablers. Here's an excerpt:
The WSJ Health Blog put on its best gender biased, turn of the Nineteenth Century paternalistic presentation of a fabricated problem with the nursing profession’s push to educate more nurses at the doctoral level. The public is ill served by tripe such as this. Readers will come away with the message that those nasty, not legitimate handmaidens of physicians are acting up, are defying their vows of obedience and obsequious, and are trying to take over medicine’s turf...
N=1 is soliciting comments at HOB and asking for readers to send their comments to the WSJ Health Blog.

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Annie said...

Thanks, Gordon! Only about one third of the nation's nurses are educated at the baccalaureate level or higher. Research sponsored by the Institute of Medicine demonstrates that mortality and morbidity rates significantly rise when patients are not cared for by nurses with the baccalaureate degree as the minimum level of education.