11 April 2008

Pakistan Emergency Update - Karachi outrage: HRCP for probe by world experts

From the HCRP Blog:

Press Release, April 10

Lahore: While condemning the Tuesday’s violence in Karachi, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called for a probe by international experts. In a statement issued here today, the commission said:

What happened in Karachi on Wednesday, especially the burning alive of several innocent Pakistanis, can only be condemned as acts of utterly horrible bestiality. The hands behind what is obviously a counter-offensive by the camp hostile to lawyers’ campaign must be exposed and the culprits, if it is possible to apprehend them, made to face justice....
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Salon.com has an understated AP account "
Strains Show in New Pakistani Government" here

AOC contributors ondelette, RMP, and Jim White have new posts up (including beautiful Farsi text and Persian poetry) at Humanity Against Crimes (HAC) blog. The subject is torture.

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