11 July 2007

Bringing Down the Vast Right-Wing Monolith

Hillary Clinton first used the term vast right wing conspiracy (VRWC) in reference to a persistent group of special interests who had been funding and executing the political pursuit and harassment of her then-president husband. The organized effort to destroy Bill Clinton's political life began as a smear campaign called the Arkansas Project, and the group resolved to use any means necessary to accomplish its goal. Today the term VRWC fairly applies to the massive, various, coordinated, and message-disciplined groups and individuals allied to assure a vice-grip on conservative control of the United States' political infrastructure forever.
The result of this remarkable coalition of wealthy benefactors, think tanks, vested corporate interests, religious fundamentalists, and a mass media machine that places profit before reliable news reporting is that the so-called VRWC has become a virtual monolith. The members comprising this monolith have created an environment in which volume and obfuscation effectively smother thoughtful debate; and they have, by design, squelched almost all effective opposition since the Republican party retook the White House in 2000 and consolidated power in the legislative branch in the elections following the 9/11 attacks.
It's become evident that what we have to do in order to get our country back is derive methods for effectively countering the monolithic hold that the VRWC has had on the terms of debate, level the playing field (if not tilt it in our favor!), and get the message of liberty, democracy, Rule of Law, and courage to the sensible majority of our nation, whose will is thwarted by the monolithic strangle-hold on reasoned discussion about the issues facing the United States and its partner countries across the globe.
When I come back, I'll begin itemizing the components of the monolithic right-wing power structure, with the goal later developing thoughtful tactics for breaking through that monolithic structure.

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