10 July 2007

Site Management Notes -or- A Work in Progress

  • Beginning tomorrow, I will be making some general notes expounding on the problems I presented in yesterday's post.
  • A post to follow shortly thereafter will begin addressing the broad and deep challenges that present in the face of those problems.
  • With the many developments in the political sphere this week (Meiers/Taylor testimony conjecture, McCain campaign meltdown, Vitter scandal, GOP shift re: Iraq (!), among other things), is there now a momentum shift in the national mood that could benefit the causes of the Left? If that is the case, the stated rationale for this site might evolve, as a result. Achieving Our Country began in response to an expression of frustration on the part of many writers (in the comment section) on another site (Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory at Salon.com) about the lack of a massive activist push in this country. These writers were astonished that the clear majority of the US citizenry that are dissatisfied and angry at the government, media, and business powers that persist in pursuing an agenda that is destructive to our nation, and who have refused to acknowledge that majority opinion (and common sense!) opposing that agenda, are failing to "take to the streets" and demand change. I volunteered to help facilitate an online venue in collaboration with these writers, and any other interested volunteers, for making a comprehensive people-powered response happen. Clearly, the enterprise requires many hands, which just as clearly, might not appear. All this is to say that I recognize the inherent tenuousness of this proposition. Therefore, conditions will drive the raison d'etre of this blog site, which can certainly change if the collaborative participation needed does not materialize. We shall see.

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