25 July 2007

If You Haven't Read David Halberstam's Article In Vanity Fair

this month and would like to, you can check it out here.

Mr. Halberstam had a remarkable talent for conveying complex historical events with concision and flair. In this article, the last before his fatal car crash, he examines George Bush's claim that history will validate his decisions regarding war in the Middle East. Mr. Halberstam deftly punctures any illusions one might have in comparing Bush favorably with President Truman.

"...when I hear the president cite history so casually, an alarm goes off. Those who know history best tend to be tempered by it. They rarely refer to it so sweepingly and with such complete confidence. They know that it is the most mischievous of mistresses and that it touts sure things about as regularly as the tip sheets at the local track. Its most important lessons sometimes come cloaked in bitter irony. By no means does it march in a straight line toward the desired result, and the good guys do not always win." -- from the article

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