20 July 2007

Time To Make Our Will Known

I have a dream:

I dream of a massive gathering of determined citizens, silently and strongly taking their rightful ground and demonstrating to Congress, to the President, and to the Judiciary that we are paying attention, that we want the constitutional abuses to cease, that we want accountability from our governing entities.

I dream of hundreds of thousands of us converging outside the Supreme Court of the United States of America to demand that the Executive Branch respect our constitution, that the Legislative Branch assert the will of We the People, and that the Judiciary uphold the laws our Constitution.

I dream of sober concerned Americans solidly standing watch in dignity, eschewing the clich├ęd chanting from protests of a bygone era. I see the crowd poised shoulder-to-shoulder, challenging the anti-American unpatriotic limits of "Free Speech Zones." I see a vanguard of courageous prepared dissenters stoically receiving the sacrament of State-sanctioned abuse (the police officer's baton) and being taken without resistance to jail.

I dream of a mass movement powered by the people, evoking not the WTO protesters in Seattle or those against the G-8 in Davos, but instead emulating Ghandi and King and their followers.
I believe that this is the only way for We the People to breach the insulating wall of noise and obfuscation erected by an out-of-control authoritarian government.

It is time.


Anonymous said...

i am 58 years old and wonder why my age group is so silent.we remember the fiasco of vietnam and all the lies from that time.
i lived in puerto rico on the naval base during the cuban crises.i remember our drills,exiting school and getting under the desks.
this is NOT scary times compared to those except that now i FEAR my government more than i do terrorists.
invading countries for oil is so shameful to me ,sending our young men into battle for such a sorry reason.and to lose their own freedoms while doing so is like the spit in our face insult.where are the marchers?are we that afraid already?
my health isnt all that good but i still refuse to just accept defeat.

Gordon said...

I think that our people are in an unprecedented altered state because of the events of 11 September 2001, a condition of which Strategist Cheney and Tactician Rove have been happy to take advantage. It appears that we are emerging - in fits and starts - from that fog. It will take still more time, but I believe that eventually we will see the response from the citizenry that you and I long for.
Thank you for checking out this site, and for writing. And for not accepting defeat! I wish you the best with your health issues. --Gordon