17 July 2007

The Citizen Counter-Filibuster

Today in my city, Memphis, Tennessee, a group of citizens will gather at the Federal Building downtown (167 N Main St # 102, Memphis, TN (901) 526-6771) to demonstrate solidarity with Senate Democrats, while the Republicans carry out a planned filibuster of the current troop withdrawal proposal. This MoveOn sponsored event is scheduled in various locations nation-wide. In MoveOn's words:

Counter-Filibuster to End the War

Republicans in the Senate are planning to block a vote early next week on ending the war. Let's be perfectly clear on this: Republicans are blocking this vote because they know they'd lose.

It's time to leap into action. As Republicans filibuster on Tuesday, we're holding citizens' counter-filibusters on Tuesday night. We'll gather outside Senators' offices and in public places to read first-hand accounts from Iraq vets and military families about the cost of the war. We'll send a clear message to Senators and the media that this isn't about partisan games -- it's about people's lives.

Click here to find a citizen's counter-filibuster near you.

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