15 July 2007

Some More Things That Make the VRWC Go...

I. Lobbyists' control of legislators time.
Lobbyists who represent sources of campaign funds get too much access, leaving no time for Congressional members to seek out and absorb independent data on issues.

II. Legislators devote too much time to fund-raising, not enough to studying the bills upon which they debate and vote.

III. A stacked Judiciary branch at the district, circuit, and supreme levels.
This has been a major component of the Republicans' plan for dominance in U.S. politics. It stacks the deck against openness and individual freedom when Congress passes extreme or unfair legislation that is challenged in the courts.

IV. A willingness within the Republican party to stay on message for the sake of the 'team.'
Also known as "message discipline."

V. A highly motivated base of Right-Wing Authoritarians (RWAs)
Please refer to link The Authoritarians here or in sidebar.

VI. A highly motivated alliance of strange bed-fellows composed of business interests,
low-tax zealots, neo-conservatives, religious fundamentalists, and the above-referenced

VII. News media outlets almost uniformly repeat the Republican Party line and relay Bush White House communications unexamined, unchallenged, and absent independent sourcing.

The result of the VRWC is that the three branches of government are insulated from pressure to serve the will of We the People.

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