24 July 2007

What would a hypothetical people-powered rebellion look like?

[If the momentum fueled by anger and the rising demand for action we are seeing today do not inspire Congress to initiate some form of meaningful response, and if our citizenry doesn't become aroused enough to push harder (in the streets, if need be), then it would be wise for concerned patriots to start making plans.]

We are in an atmosphere of
paranoia not seen since the days of McCarthy and the HUAC.

"Interesting" times.

Therefore, one hypothetical People-Powered exercise would:

  • be well-planned, anticipating obstacles, hazards, and consequences... and contingencies for same.
  • comprise a critical mass of people in order to break through the news media myopia.
  • would have a structured support apparatus of planning, logistical, legal, and financial functions.
  • be bold, yet measured and prudent.
  • be within the law.
  • be non-violent.
  • be attended by participants prepared through workshop training.
  • emerge in Spring like the cherry blossoms. On a Wednesday?
Think: What would Martin Luther King do? What would Mahatma Ghandi do?

What else would help complete this hypothetical picture?

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